Things to Know Before Making a Transfer

1) Use the correct bank card- the name on the bank account or card that you are paying from must match your account and name on FTFT Finance UK Ltd.

2) Sending Money- to pay for your transfer, you have to make a local bank transfer into our account or manually enter your card or account details in our system. This must be done every time you make a transfer with FTFT Finance UK Ltd.

3) Verification- as a financial institution, FTFT Finance UK Ltd needs to know who’s a transfer with us. At some stage, your identity would need to be verified.

If you wish to have your account verified ahead of time, please email a scanned copy of your Photo ID and a Utility bill to We’ll have it uploaded on your profile as soon as possible to make your transfer hassle free.

4) Correct Details- When you set up your online profile, please use your real, full name (no nicknames, initials or titles), real address, real phone number and an email which we cold contact you on.

FTFT Finance UK Ltd charges you a fair service fee (£3) if your transaction is less than £170 pounds.
The fee is taken from the money that you are sending. The rest of the amount is converted and sent to the recipient.

The entire process would be completed within 24-72 hours. The time it takes depends on the currencies involved, the payment method you choose as well as weekends and bank holidays in both the country you are sending from the country receiving.

When transferring with FTFT Finance UK Ltd, you will notice that there is a threshold for your account. We would require additional documents (I.E, bank statement) to continue your transfer.

Unfortunately, it won’t be an instant transfer. It will definitely be not slow. Delivery of funds depends on the currency you send and may vary from business hours to a few business days.

Without security, there is no FTFT Finance UK Ltd.
We use trusted bank accounts worldwide for transferring money. We have a specialized team who are regularly trained and review processes to make sure that FTFT Finance UK Ltd and its clients are safe.

Protecting your date and financial details is very important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy and Customer Agreement.

The FCA is the UK Financial Conduct Authority, which has authorized FTFT Finance UK Ltd (FRN NO: 584039). This means that we operate in accordance with all relevant regulations and rules laid down by the FCA.

For you to transfer money online, you are required to have an account with FTFT Finance UK Ltd.

You can have a personal account and a business account. We discourage you from having multiple personal accounts as it will cause a delay in your transfers and a possible close down of your accounts.

Yes anyone can create an account with FTFT Finance UK Ltd, but at some stage, they would be required to submit some sort of ID to prove their identity.

You are required to submit two types of documents. A Photo ID and a proof address (utility bill or bank statement).

You are required to submit a full driving license or a valid passport.

If for some reason you don’t want to have a FTFT Finance UK Ltd account anymore, just contact us at and request to close your account. Please be aware that following our regulators’ requirements, we have to store your personal data for 5 years after deactivating your profile.

There is no set fee for an online transfer however, if it’s a really large amount then we might request a proof of income.

You can send money to over 100 countries.

Your beneficiary can collect their funds in Pakistan within 24 hours from the time of transfer.

Yes, with FTFT Finance UK Ltd you can transfer money directly into a bank account.

You can send money to every commercial bank in Pakistan.

The transfer would be done within 24 hours

You would be given a transaction number, which can be used to track the status of your transaction.

To cancel a transfer that has been made in error or for any other reason email us at There would be a cancellation charge.

Yes, we require you to provide the correct details of the recipient.

For a selection of currencies, you can pay for your transfer by debit or credit card. We can accept Visa, MasterCard, and some Maestro cards.

You can call us at (+44) 2084722211 (UK) and (+49) 6996759202 for Germany

Referring a Friend

Inviting friends is a key to FTFT Finance UK Ltd. The more people send money through FTFT Finance UK Ltd, the better it is for everyone.

Get money when you refer a friend!

  • Every friend that you invite to FTFT Finance UK Ltd will receive a discount on their first transfer.
  • For every 3 friends who make a transfer over £180 on FTFT Finance UK Ltd, you will receive both receive £5.00.

What are you waiting for? Start inviting your friends now!

Inviting friends is easy, they just need to click on your unique invite link and join FTFT Finance UK Ltd. Your invite link can be found here:

Remember – for your invites to count, your friends need to sign up and make a transfer using your invite link.

Offer details:

You can win £5.00 multiple times, simply invite more friends.
To count towards your invite reward- each friend who signs up with your invitation has to complete a single transfer for at least £200 to be considered as a qualified referral.
Friends using your invitation link to sign up will receive a discount on their first transfer.
If your friend makes a transfer for less than £200, the transfer is still free, but it won’t count towards your referred friends.